How to Register

with Traditional Roots Midwifery

Dear Patients, 

We are anticipating a delay in patient benefits and patient estimates while our biller will be on Maternity leave during January & February of 2021. A self-lead patient benefits and estimate form is provided HERE if you would like to contact your insurance directly for an expedited quote. 

Thank you, 

-My AK Billing

Step 1. Complete an online Patient Registration Form and download a copy of the completed form to retain for your records or provide to your provider upon request. 

Step 2. A biller will use the information you provided in the registration form to gather a Verification of Benefits (VOB) and help form a patient estimate for your care. A copy of this form is sent directly to your provider who will put together a Financial Plan for any payments to be discussed at your next appointment.

If you have active Pregnant Women and Children coverage with Alaska Medicaid for all dates of service, your care will be covered at 100% regardless if your medicaid policy is your primary or secondary coverage. 

Step 3. Your provider will submit claims to your insurance after care is provided or after delivery. Final patient responsibility for claims will be billed at this time. 

Step 4. PAYMENTS. To make a payment or set up a payment plan with this provider, please contact the provider or provider's office directly during normal business hours. 

Notice to Patients: Traditional Roots Midwifery is currently a preferred provider and in-network with 

  • Alaska Medicaid

All other health plans including are accepted but will be processed as out-of-network or non-preferred. Balance Billing does not apply. 

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